Podcast With Impact:

How to Satart & Launch Your Podcast Properly


Are you ready to make a profound impact in your industry and connect with your audience like never before? Look no further! “Podcast with Impact” has earned the #1 bestselling title in 37 Amazon and Audible categories worldwide.

Why Podcasting Matters:

With 20 million weekly podcast listeners in the UK alone (that's 1 in 3 people!), the undeniable importance of this medium cannot be overstated. Podcasts provide the single BEST opportunity to skyrocket your impact and carve out your niche.

Unlock Your Expertise: Do you have a brilliant business and a burning desire to make a difference? Are you ready to excel as an industry expert, expand your audience, enhance your credibility, and become a recognized authority in your field?

A podcast is your golden ticket to play in the big leagues of online business, even if you're starting with a small audience.

Get started today, and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unlock your potential!

The Podcasting Explosion:

Why should you choose podcasting?

Because it's EXPLODING!

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level,

now is the perfect time to dive into podcasting.



Visibility is Key: Remember, anything is possible when you become visible!

I know what it takes to launch a podcast that makes a lasting impression.

Podcasting is the most potent tool for acquiring loyal customers and passionate fans.

MEET the PODCASTER & EntREPREUR Behind the Book

Meet Anna Parker-Naples:

Hello, I'm Anna, a multi-award-winning Hollywood audio expert and a three-time podcast host, host of Top 1 % award-winning show 'Positively Influential'.

I'm also the woman who literally wrote the book on podcasting. I've been a judge several times for the British Podcast Awards, and I'm founder of the award-winning podcast consultancy Influential Audio.

I'm here to share with you why podcasting is your pathway to skyrocketing visibility and accelerating your success!

I've helped hundreds of successful show to reach the top of the charts.

And now it's YOUR TURN!

Download this FREE PDF of my bestselling book
Podcast with Impact,

and gain access to everything I wish I had known when I started my podcasting journey.

Get started today - don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Multi-passionate entrepreneur - Anna is founder of award-winning podcast consultancy Influential Audio, responsible for strategizing the launch and production of hundreds of top podcasts, and more recently launched Influential Breathwork, sharing her unique blend of coaching methodologies with the power of breath.

Anna's achievements serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment to helping others rise above self-doubt, embrace their brilliance, and claim the spotlight they deserve.

In "Podcast With Impact," Anna distills her vast entrepreneurial experience into actionable insights.

Grab your FREE copy of "Podcast With Impact" now and step into a world of empowerment, impact, and unlimited possibilities. Your journey to visibility begins here!

A masterclass in launching a successful podcast! Comprehensive, practical and thorough.

This book is the perfect PODCAST 101 for anyone planning on starting their own.

I’ve been following Anna for a while and she is the ultimate professional so I couldn't wait to grab my copy and it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s jam- packed with everything you need to know from planning your podcast name, through to recording your podcast and then marketing it.

It’s so much more than many books that focus on technical know-how.

Anna is an audio pro so covers all of this in easy to follow steps BUT what I love about this book is it’s focus on strategy.

It’s a true masterclass on planning and executing a successful podcast launch.

If you want to start a podcast, it's a no-brainer.....buy this book

Anna Fairs

Definitely recommended reading for consultants, coaches, authors, trainers, or other experts looking to impact others and expand your reach & revenue. If you're even vaguely intrigued about podcasting, thinking about launching a podcast or already in swing, this book has something to enlighten the path to success.

Anna Parker-Naples is clearly living up to her name, The Podcast Queen, with a thriving Facebook group and loyal following.

I've learned so much and am really glad I successfully launched my podcast last month.

The book provides a really good starter for ten and there's plenty more opportunities to tap into Anna's experience, tips and tactics in her Podcast Membership training and supportive community.

Dr Jay Allyson

An absolute MUST for podcasters. OMG this book has been a game changer for me! I'm in the process of getting my second podcast launched - and this is all thanks to Anna's expertise. I've learnt so much.

Anna talks you through the whole process and makes things super easy to understand - I'd still be lost without this book.

Thank you Anna

AMy ROWlinson

Anna is the Podcast Queen. She helped me to reach number #3 in the charts and position myself as a thought leader in my field with my podcast ‘in her financial shoes.’ Her detail and experience around audio is phenomenal with such attention to detail. This book provides the simple steps to not just getting started but also how to launch which is so important as you want your work to be found! This book will save you £‘s of pounds of time and money.

Catherine Morgan

Fantastic read, couldn’t put it down.

I purchased this book a couple of days ago and literally couldn’t put it down. I have already launched my own podcast Soulful Valley thanks to Anna bringing her wisdom and knowledge into the world.

I am disabled myself and cannot work in the “real world” with my health conditions but Anna has opened up a whole new world of opportunity and possibilities for me.

I highly recommend anything that Anna does.

She is an incredible inspiration to a lot of people.

Katie Carey

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