Loved it. Thanks Anna, loving these powerful sessions. Absolutely loving the sessions so far! Thanks so much Anna, finding this experience both interesting & enlightening. I've gained good insights came away feeling more grounded & connected to my body.

Helen Pinkett

Amazing experience, Anna Parker-Naples thank you so much for the guidance, the journey you took us on took me back to childhood, not feeling good enough, not fitting in, I had tears streaming down my face, that small me will keep telling the same story if I don't let the big me shine through louder and better, I can do this. One step at a time... Thank you

Lyndsey Jayne Kershaw

I found it a way for my body to release the tension. It did not take me on a journey like others however l believe my breath work gave my body what it needed.

Taruna Chauhan

It was a very powerful session. The music and voice tone was exceptional. The theme was "confidence" and I felt it with every cell in my body. Anna has a strong energy that helps transform people's lives. If you want changes in your life, I recommend having a session with Anna. I  have never  had such a powerful and transformational experience until now.

Anna's work is exceptional. I'm blown away by what I've experienced.

Remi B.

That was an incredibly powerful breathing technique. I initially found it tricky but you are right your mouth kind of self lubricates. I was freezing cold. My breath was very chemical. I felt my hands turn into claws. Lips, legs, back had so many tingles it was mad. I felt like it was like an out of body experience but not scared. I was also really cold and very tired. Next time I will do it laying down as I felt I was going to head bang my desk. My message was to step out of my own way. This makes sense to me as I have a number of things on the go and not finished and I know I need to work hard to complete tasks.

Angie Brown

 My 1 to 1 breathwork session with Anna was  fantastic, and I now feel re- energized, not only for today but moving forward too. I gained so much insight into the next steps I need to take. This is a powerful modality.

Jenny Braithwaite

It was the deepest meditative experience I've ever had and I felt it within my body. I experienced something in my session that I'd never felt before...an actual physical sensation in my body and a lighter feeling afterwards. It has given me insight on what has been holding me back which I can work on some more, and it's also opened up a new way for me being able to delve deeper into my blocks. I would definitely recommend Anna to anyone curious about what is holding them back.

Caroline Burns

Here’s what Ali Knight had to say about working with me: 

“The session that was powerful and deep in the most beautifully nourishing and integrated way. Anna's clear guidance and safe space holding throughout allowed me to release old and stuck energies that have been limiting me for a long time. The whole experience was deeply healing and wonderfully empowering - thank you so much.’

Ali Knight

What a powerful, transformational experience!  This session with Anna has removed a number of blocks and issues that I was dealing with - I was expecting some change but the pace and breadth of change has astounded me and I am excited to see how this transformation is going to impact my businesses.  I cannot recommend Anna highly enough - I will definitely be back for more!

Lottie Saunders -

Anna's breathwork sessions are a magical blend of approaches in one go, that helps to create a whole new experience in the realm of transformational work

Rose Radford

A very powerful experience. Anna's voice and presence made me feel very safe. The introduction to our session and what to expect was great. Anna's guidance during the session was flawless. I received a very powerful and lovely message towards the end that shifts everything. Can't wait to see how this manifests in my work and how I show up. Thanks, Anna!

Maria Baeck

Wow wow wow!  That was SO relaxing!!
This week I tried Breathwork for only the second time in my life with the wonderful Anna Parker-Naples.  I didn’t really know what to expect.Anna had been sharing posts about how powerful it was but I’ll be honest, usually when there’s a lot of hype around something I tend to have a low expectation.

 I thought it might not be as potent.I was VERY wrong!

Look, the point is this…this breathwork shiz is MENTAL!

If you are feeling drawn to try this, I can’t recommend Anna enough. Knowing the abundance of skills and experience she has in other modalities too I can’t express how huge of an opportunity this is to work with her.

I felt ALIVE! 

I was reminded that rhythm is EVERYTHING and I believe that was my business guidance…no matter what there must be rhythm in all I do.  Then I get to be lit up and vibrant throughout. I felt like I went somewhere else at one point and the drums pulled me back!  Magic!

Thank you Anna Parker-Naples…what an honor this is!

Lilli Badcock

Wow! Thankyou so much Anna Parker-Naples. I have experienced breathwork once before & knew I loved it, but I forgot just how powerful it can be! With a focus on connection to confidence, having been someone who has struggled with asthma on & off since childhood, being able to breathe so powerfully & deeply was so empowering. I could literally feel myself grow into who I am meant to be.

Every part of my body, from head to toe tingled, feeling myself physically expand into the breathe. Releasing those fears, physical & emotional to grow. Loved this.

I felt called to pull a card just after, this is one I have never drawn before & it so resonates so much to the experience. “With copious amounts of self-acceptance, get ready to expand! Exciting affinities are emerging it’s time to open up…”

 I literally feel like I’ve opened up. I highly recommend ❤️

Amber Doughty

What an absolutely GORGEOUS live session today! Anna led us through an incredible session and we got to experience two different types of breathwork with her...

We did a shorter exercise, and then a longer one. The longer one was more intense, and it was harder for me to keep doing the breathing the whole time, so I just took a few moments out to breathe more normally when I needed to.

It was fantastic to have space to concentrate on me, to focus fully on how I was feeling in the moment, how my body was feeling, what it was trying to tell me. It was amazing!

I honestly felt incredible lightness when we finished, and received a beautiful message for myself at the end when we had a few moments of reflection.

What a beautifully transformational space! If you can make the live sessions... definitely do! They are incredible 🥰

Cat Marshall

This was my most intense session yet.

I’m shaking with emotion as I write this as I spend so much energy on supporting and helping others with emotional and creative issues and have not taken enough time to address blocks in myself.

I have a book on burnout almost ready to be published and I’m concerned that my body is blocking me from completing the final edits so it isn’t successful as I’ve had some great feedback from my beta readers including doctor and a psychiatrist and this has really surprised me.

I’m wondering if I could release this final block after this session.

Thanks for this opportunity Anna Parker-Naples, it is much appreciated. I have a lot to process now!

Ann Diment

"Anna created an extraordinary safe space for my Breathwork, and held me in some really deep and powerful emotions. If you need to process something then Anna will lead you in a nurturing way to release and let go. More people need to experience her Breathwork Facilitation."

Benedict Beaumont

"A very uplifting experience and I loved that we had a focus for the session based on a current personal dilemma and she improvised around that wonderfully which unearthed some deep insights. She eased me in and out of the session in a powerful way and gave me space to process the insight, which was profound. Overall a fantastic experience."

Matt Perks

I had the most wonderfully moving, powerful and enlightening breathwork session with Anna today.

She was fantastic at putting me at ease as a part of me was unsure as to what to expect, and a little nervous as to whether or not it would impact me.

She reassured me that all experiences were valid and did a wonderful job of explaining not just the process but the science behind it working.

The pacing of the session was perfect. And I had some real shifts in clarity and understanding during the session that I have been musing over all day.

I have toyed with the idea of learning this technique to use with my clients and after today's session I am definitely onboard with it being a fabulous technique to make some real headway with. Thank you so much. 

Kirsty Knight

Wow!! I was not expecting that! I wanted to try breathwork because I was curious.

I didn't really know what to expect. In fact, if I'm honest, I was quite cynical about it but because I know Anna so well, I knew she wouldn't be so passionate about it unless it was powerful and she believed in it.

I was blown away!! There were things that have been buried for years that came up for me and I now understand clearly how and where they have been holding me back and why I behave the way I do in certain situations.

The release came out in tears, which again, completely surprised me! With this new knowledge, I know it will make a difference to how I now show up.

Whether you are just curious like me, or want to shift something that has been frustrating you, I suggest you try a breathwork session with Anna because the results are quite unbelievable!

Nicole Posner

You know the saying of someone who talks the talk or walks the walk? In this case, Anna "breathes the breath." It's clear she's doing this deep work herself; and because of that, she was able to guide me through an expansive experience so that I could free myself of some emotional and physical burdens I'd been carrying. I felt a huge release of pressure, and I was able to intuitively receive some messages to help me shift some old, deep-rooted disempowering beliefs. Thank you, Anna. 

Charis Shantilie

Anna delivered a brilliant breathwork session. It created some profound experiences unlocking some limiting beliefs giving clarity as to next steps for success. It was a session specifically designed to help sell with ease and confidence and the output has been amazing. Thank you!

Sarah Cooke

Anna held the space online for my Wealth Evolution Mastermind and shared an incredible wealth activation breathwork session. It was incredibly warm and powerful and helped our community unlock areas of wealth expansion that they didn’t think were possible. Allowing them to unlock next level income and impact in their lives and business. Anna’s voice is incredibly powerful and her coaching and NLP skills allow her to blend these modalities and skills together in a way I’ve never seen before. Thank you Anna

Catherine Morgan

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