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Coach Certification

Unlock Lasting Client Transformations & Start Your Dream Breathwork Coaching Business.

Become a Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Coach

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 Membership Portal

Gain Access to Breathwork Journey Sessions, Powerful Hypnosis Tracks Guided Visualizations & Meditation Audios with our Exclusive Subscription

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Amplify Your Impact

Your online presence isn't reaching enough people.

Your business isn't gaining the momentum you desire. Your income doesn't reflect your potential. It's time to change that.

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The Confidence Collective

Dive into the science behind

The Confidence Collection , where four potent methods of subconscious reprogramming work synergistically to revolutionize your confidence.

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1:1 Bespoke Breathwork Coaching

The Breathtaking Release™️ Package

As a busy entrepreneur, it is easy to get caught up in the noise, the pressure and the stress of running your own business.

It's time for more.

product six

Intro to Conscious Collective Breath

Knowledge is great, but Applied Knowledge is even greater. Use this post as an opportunity to share the HOW. Show real tips and techniques for practically applying the knowledge you just shared with your students.

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Confidence to Get Visible course

Unleash Your Business Confidence With Confidence To Get Visible! Are You Ready To Revolutionize Your Business Presence?

JOIN Confidence To Get Visible NOW And Embark On Your 4 Week Confidence Transformation

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Podcast Kickstart

Podcast Kickstart: Elevate Your Influence

Ready To Skyrocket Your Influence, Boost Your Credibility, And Become The Go-To Authority In Your Industry? Look No Further!

Welcome To Podcast Kickstart - Your All-In-One ONLINE COURSE


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Intro to Conscious Connected Breath

If you're curious about experiencing a deep, transformative breathwork session for the first time, get this free course to introduce you to a powerful modality, including a 30 minute session recording for you to use at home.

Free Copy of Bestselling Book 'Get Visible'

Know that you need to put yourself 'out there' to get results for your creative or entrepreneurial efforts? This actionable bestseller will show you how to overcome your fears that hold you back and take steps to elevate your industry status

Free Copy of Bestseller 'Podcast with Impact'.

Podcasting is a powerful medium when done with knowledge and intent. Anna has supported hundreds of leading podcasts to launch, monetise and grow their shows. Get your FREE copy of her bestseller, so that you can create the impact you desire with a podcast that works!

17 Podcast Growth Secrets

Wand to know how to build you audience? You know you have great content, you just need more ears on your episodes.

Grab this free guide to take the next steps and treat your podcast like the valuable business asset it deserves to be.

Income from Interviews

Whether or not you have your own podcast, guesting on other people's shows is an obvious way to extend your reach and get in front of new audiences. Find out our top tips for making the best connections and the most from your interviews, to gain new clients and deepen relationships.

High Profile Podcast Launch Guide

Anyone can start a podcast, right?

Yes, technically. BUT to launch one that is successful, high profile and strong positioning for you and your business from day one? That takes planning and strategy. Get our free guide on how we help 100's ot top podcasts to launch.

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